The Bodyguard Musical

“The Bodyguard Musical” Review


I seen “The Bodyguard Musical” on Wednesday 11th of September 2013 at the Adelphi Theatre. This is a quick review of the show and the experience of being in the theatre.

Theatre: 10/10

I don’t think there could have been a better theatre for this show if you tried. The art deco feel took you back to the 20’s at the beginning of film which was great because “Rachael Maron” – the lead character – was a huge film star and singer.


The show overall was fantastic but there were a few things that brought the production down.

SET: 10/10

For me, the star of the show was that phenomenal set. The way the designer has made the set changes flow so well and so cleverly was astounding. I’m not going to spoil the huge spectacle that one piece of set in particular but it was amazing how it came out of nowhere and also I was sitting 3rd row of the stalls and I did not here one piece of set moving. Where as I went to see Phantom and I was at the back of the balcony right at the top and I could hear every single piece of set so I was very impressed by the standard and the quality of the set for this show.


The lighting design was a bit heavy handed, especially in one of the first scenes when “Rachael” come down from the flies singing “Queen of the Night” the lights were going mental at this point. Another thing that brought the rating of the lighting down was there was slight delays for things like the gun shots or a big finale to a song, but this may be because the cast had all just been updated a few days before. There were also so great lighting techniques throughout the show. The scene in the club in the first act in particular.